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Neat Group certifies its commitment to the environment

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The German Red Cross celebrates its 30th anniversary of telecare with Legrand Care technology


The keys to protect the investment in assistive technology in the long term


Neat’s NOVO Connected solution is being installed and configured remotely to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease

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Experience the Altenpflege Messe 2021 from the comfort of your home

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Neat participated in the Silver Economy Forum

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Neat deploys its assistive technology at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital in Catalonia to support the management of the pandemic


Advanced telecare, the most effective and risk-free tool to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

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Neat makes available an assisted living solution that allows securely zoning nursing homes

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Telenor has deployed the Neat’s NOVO Connected solution at an emergency preparedness centre in Norway to deal with the coronavirus pandemic

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Neat technology makes teleworking possible and the increase in the efficiency of telecare services

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Neat donates material in Sweden for the production of protective face shields for caregivers

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NEAT technology ready to assist healthcare workers in COVID-19 crisis

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NOVO was awarded the Senda Award in the Original Product category.

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Neat launches the WALL Family Wired WALL Family

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Neat achieves renewal of important certifications from Microsoft and Cisco

Ne foro de encuentro sociosanitario 1920x1080

Neat takes part in the Social and Health Meeting Forum organized by Amade

Ne bed sensor 1920x1080

Neat launches new bed and chair presence sensor on the market

Ne premios senda 2014 1920x1080

Grupo Neat is awarded with the 2014 Senda Award

Ne environmental protection 1920x1080

Neat Group certifies its commitment to the environment

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