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Business ethics

Compliance with the rules of business ethics

Compliance with ethical rules of conduct is, along with customer focus, resource development and innovation, one of the core values of the Legrand Group and, by definition, of NEAT as a member of the Group. These four values form the core of the Group's identity and are the basis for sustainable and profitable development.

Based on this identity, we are committed to preventing corruption and fraud and to complying with competition rules.

In addition, the Group is well positioned to avoid conflicts of interest and to combat embargoes, money laundering and terrorist financing. On the one hand by raising awareness and training teams, and on the other by closely monitoring compliance with business ethics.

Making a commitment together

Management's firm commitment to business ethics is underscored by signing the Global Compact and adhering to its main universal principles and international reference texts.

In particular, these include the following covenants:

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and complementary covenants.
  • The OECD Convention and Guidelines on Corruption of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
  • The United Nations Convention on Corruption, all national anti-corruption laws, the European Competition Directives and all national competition laws

The entire Group actively participates in this business ethics initiative. The General Management declares its support for all charters setting out the Group's business ethics principles. All functional managers and heads of subsidiaries sign letters pledging to properly implement the compliance program. And every employee commits to ethical behavior.

Ethics alert system

The operation of an ethics alert system enables all stakeholders in the Group to have rapid access to these issues in the event of problems relating to accounting and/or finance, corruption, competition law, serious environmental or personal damage, unethical behavior (discrimination and harassment), data protection or conflicts of interest.

The general e-mail address: is available to all employees for this purpose. Translated with (free version)

Legrand values downloads

Legrand Group Charter of Principles

Download the Charter of Fundamental Principles as PDF

Fair Competition Charter

Download the Charter of Fair Competition as PDF in our download area

Good Business Practice Guide

Download the Good Business Practice Guide as PDF


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