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Dementia systems

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Dementia systems

Intelligently organized and individually catered for.

As an employee or manager of a nursing facility, you need a reliable solution to master the challenge between efficiency and humanity every day anew. With the intelligent alarm management of the NEAT nurse call, you have found exactly the right solution.

For a highly functional nurse call and nurse light call, the intelligent D-SERVER system in interaction with D-TREX distributes the radio-controlled calls for help to the corresponding alarm receivers according to a customer-definable scenario. Alternatively, a completely wireless alarm system can be created quickly and easily with the flexible TREX alerting system and the SMILE portable radio transmitter. With D-POS, there is also a solution for the specific care of dementia patients.

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All the advantages of NEAT dementia care

Freedom of movement

Dementia patients can move freely in the areas designated for them and only need to wear a handheld transmitter for monitoring with the D-POS Dementia System.

Dignified accompaniment

NEAT Dementia Care solutions are designed as technical companions around the needs of dementia patients, enabling them to live with the greatest possible dignity.

Easy to install

Our dementia care solutions can also be easily installed during operation. The D-POS dementia system can also be combined with third-party systems.

Variable and flexible

With the person-related D-POS system and the door-related DOOR door alarm, NEAT's dementia care solutions adapt to various requirements and situations.

Tested and proven

NEAT's dementia care solutions and products have proven their effectiveness in a wide variety of settings and situations over many years.

Maximum reliability

Thanks to NEAT's highly developed dementia care, all parties involved can rely on the best possible protection of dementia patients.

This is how simple NEAT dementia care is.

Highly functional, easy to install and as humane as they are effective: NEAT solutions for the care of dementia patients provide dignified and organized support for this disease, which is a challenge for everyone involved.

NEAT Dementia Care products and components

Whether it's the D-POS dementia system, the DOOR door alarm or the intelligent PIR II motion detector: all products for dementia care are customizable, easy to install or operate and can be retrofitted at any time.
Easy to install and retrofit

Questions and answers about dementia care NEAT

Here you will find the most important information about our dementia systems.
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