The dementia system
  • Reliable: For the care of dementia patients
  • Flexible: Easy to upgrade
  • Systematic: for example, components such as TREX, DOOR or D-ATOM can be added
Ne d pos ant 1000x1000

Movement and freedom

The D-POS II system is a versatile and highly customizable technology for monitoring and surveillance of wardens, users, zones, doors, stairs and so on in order to create a safe, flexible and easily manageable environment for the dementia care sector.

Characteristics and functions at a glance

  • Equipped with tamper switch.
  • Integrated radio configured for transmission on frequency for social alarms.
  • Configurable auto-test.
  • “Plug-&-play” for easy pairing with other units.
  • “Walk test mode” to check the range of the RFID field easily.
  • Easy to configure via radio or by switches on the unit.
  • Fits in a cc 60 mm inset coupling box or may be mounted directly on a wall.
  • One antenna output – ferrite or loop antenna.
  • Power supplied by 12-24VDC (AC-adaptor or central power).
  • Compatible with NEAT´s entire range of accessories and peripherals.
  • Clear LED to indicate state or function.

Four main applications:

  • Wandering control
  • Access control
  • Assistance and panic button
  • Indoor positioning

Patients only have to wear a SMILE ID around their wrists and thus enjoy maximum freedom of movement.

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