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Connected health, the alternative of the present and the future

The aging of the population causes more and more people to require medical attention and, with limited resources, it is necessary to look for other efficient alternatives. Monitoring and control of health outside traditional care centers, taking advantage of digital technical resources, are shown as the solution to this challenge, by being able to serve patients in their own home or in those places that they frequent in their daily activities.

Within the immense range of possibilities and applications that the digital world encompasses are telemedicine services. In this field, Neat has already come a long way thanks to the development of solutions designed to offer a personalized attention plan, aimed at promoting self-care, prevention of chronic diseases and the integration of social and health services.

Our customized care plans are integrated into a cloud-based platform and managed from the care centers.

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The advantages of the NEAT Telehealth solution at a glance


With the secure, cloud-based transmission of health data, care providers can save valuable time and attend more intensively to serious cases, for example.


The online availability of the most important health data means that the current status of the individual patient's health can always be accessed by everyone involved.


For example, by measuring their own vital signs, patients feel involved in their care and can actively contribute to their recovery.


Operating and using the NEAT Telehealth solution is as easy as it is pleasant thanks to the user-friendly design and clear structure. 


The health data of the NEAT Telehealth solution is available online for aid organizations or caregivers at any time and from anywhere.


The transmission of patient data is encrypted and is thus as reliable as it is harmless in terms of data protection. 

Integration of telemedicine with digital telecare

NOVO works as a hub capable of communicating with up to 48 wireless peripherals simultaneously, which opens the door to a connected digital home. In Neat, we offer a care plan focused on the person that covers the social and health levels.