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Precision digital thermometer
  • Integrated: Optimally designed for use with NOVO
  • Practical: Memory recall of last reading
  • Modern: Wireless Communication via Bluetooth®
Ne thermometer 1000x1000
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With THERMOMETER the body temperature can be determined with high precision and quickly and easily. The measurement is done by mouth. The data can be transferred to NOVO via Bluetooth.


  • Quick 30 seconds measurement
  • Last reading recall
  • Large, clear LED display for errorless reading beeping sound on completion of measurement
  • Long life battery (350 measurements)
  • Compatible with BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR (UA-651BLE) and SCALE (UC-352BLE)
  • Bluetooth® Version 4.0LE/ Bluetooth® Smart communication (Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Continua™ Certified – to ensure interoperability
Ne thermometer white 1000x1000

A digital thermometer is an instrument used to measure body temperature. Unlike a standard thermometer, a digital thermometer uses electronic circuitry that converts voltage variations into figures that appear on a display.

This thermometer is a fast and high precision device designed for the home user. An illuminated annunciator blinks and a beeping sound tells when the measurement is complete. Extended functionality of wireless communication is provided by Bluetooth® smart technology.

Its technology fits well in the NOVO ecosystem.


Bluetooth® communication (Windows, iOS, Android)

Oral use

Last reading recall

LED annunciator / beeping sound at completion of measurement

Large bold displays for errorless reading

Long battery life

Technical specifications

Battery Life: Prediction measurement Approx. 350 times, Equilibrium measurement Approx. 120 times

Weight: Approx. 25 g including battery

Measurement Range: 32.0 to 42 .0 deg C

Display: 3 digits (resolution 0.1 deg C), 4 digits (resolution 0.1 deg F)

Measurement method: Prediction measurement using thermistor, Equilibrium measurement using thermistor

Region for Measurement: Oral,under tongue

Measurement accuracy: +/- 0.1 deg C

Measurement time: Prediction measurement Approx. 30 seconds, Equilibrium measurement Approx. 5 minutes

Power Supply: CR2032 x1 (3V Lithium battery), use only battery that conforms to the IEC 60086-4.

Useful Life: 5 years

Wireless Communication: Bluetooth® Ver.4.0,low energy,HTP

Operating Conditions: +10 deg C to + 40 deg C / 15 %RH to 85 %RH

Storage Conditions: - 20 deg C to + 60 deg C / 15 %RH to 95 %RH

Dimensions: Approx. 40 [W] x 117 [H] x 15 [D] mm

Brand: A&D

Model: UT-201BLE

Technical Data