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Pulse Oximeter

Smart accuracy and performance
  • Integrated: Optimally designed for use with NOVO
  • Clear: Display of oxygen saturation and pulse rate
  • Reliable: Medically tested
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Pulse Oximeter

Always on the pulse

PULSE OXIMETER is the simple solution for pulse measurement within the NEAT Home Health Hub solution. The display shows the pulse and oxygen saturation. The data transfer to NOVO is done via Bluetooth.

Characteristics and functions at a glance


  • Features algorithms specifically for patients with challenging conditions, unlike other low-cost pulse oximeters
  • Quickly provides clinically proven accurate SpO2 and pulse rate readings from small to large fingers, good to low perfusion, and dark to light skin tones
  • Proprietary CorrectCheck™ technology gives feedback when the finger is not placed properly in the device


  • Easily integrates into most telemedicine hubs via Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology or USB port


  • Easy-to-read large display for patient use
  • High quality product with proven durability for any environment
  • Long battery life – it allows for up to 2,200 spot checks on two AAA batteries
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Pulse oximetry is a simple procedure for measuring arterial oxygen saturation. The oxygen saturation is termed SpO2 or partial oxygen saturation. This high-performing pulse oximeter provides SpO2 and pulse rate spot-check monitoring. It features Bluetooth® LE connectivity for simplified pairing and vital information exchange over a secure wireless connection.

Its technology fits well in the NOVO ecosystem.

Key features

Simple and secure connection to Bluetooth® Smart Ready devices

Information easily integrates into your telemedicine hubs

Bluetooth® wireless connectivity status indicator on device

Long battery life

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 46mm (1.81”) x 69mm (2.72”) x 31mm (1.22”)
  • Weight: 63 grams with batteries installed
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Oxygen Saturation Display Range: 0 – 100% SpO2
  • Pulse Rate Display Range: 18 – 321 beats per minute (BPM)
  • Oxygen Saturation Declared Accuracy
    Range (Arms*):70 – 100% SpO2 ±2 digits
  • Low Perfusion Oxygen Saturation Declared
    Accuracy Range (Arms*): 70 – 100% SpO2 ±2 digits
  • Pulse Rate Declared Accuracy
    Range (Arms*): 20 – 250 BPM ±3 digits
  • Low Perfusion Pulse Rate Declared Accuracy
    Range (Arms*): 40 – 240 BPM ±3 digits
  • Measurement Wavelengths and Output Power**
    • Red: 660 nanometers
    • @ 0.8 mW maximum average
    • Infrared: 910 nanometers
    • @ 1.2 mW maximum average
  • Bluetooth® Compliance: Version 4.0 single mode low energy
  • Brand: NONIN
  • Model: 3230
Technical Data