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The intelligent monitor for efficient alarm management
  • Service advantages: Reduces staff workloads in inpatient facilities
  • Integrated: Well-designed integration
    with TREX
  • Efficient: Targeted, sequential alarm distribution
  • Intelligent Distinguishes according to alarm type, alarm source or time of day
Ne d server vertical 1000x1000
Alarm management systems

Organize care efficiently and intelligently

The D-SERVER radio-based personal call system relieves your staff with a reliable, convenient and safe alarm management in the stationary care sector.

Features and functions at a glance

  • Targeted alarm distribution by group
  • Sequential alarm procedures possible as presence and location of personnel is registered automatically
  • Login with a personal D-TREX possible
  • Ongoing optimization through comprehensive data analysis
  • Continuous care through day and night operations
  • Simple, automatic updates through online service and updates
  • More time and improved service due to reduced staff workloads
Ne d server horizontal white 1000x1000
Ne d server vertical white 1000x1000

The combination of TREX with D-SERVER is excellently suited for use in inpatient facilities. D-SERVER can categorize alarms according to time, place and thus ensure that the alarms are optimally relayed onwards.

When D-SERVER receives an alarm it forwards this in accordance with an individually configurable scenario. D-SERVER can also take parameters such as alarm source, alarm type or time of day into account. This makes it possible to, for example, distribute alarms in an efficient and targeted manner by group.

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