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The intelligent Nurse Call System
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Ensures the safety of elderly and personnel
  • Increases efficiency and quality
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Alarm management systems

Efficiency and reliability

D-SERVER is a Nurse Call System that can cope with the busiest care environments. The reliability of the system has been proven in a variety of projects with thousands of accessories connected to the system. In addition to being easy to install, the solution is also easy to use. New features are continuously added to the system in order to meet market demands.


As customer projects grow larger, we have upgraded the hardware so that it meets our customers’ requirements. Like its predecessor, the D-SERVER is a fanless industrial computer with improved hardware specifications.

  • Powerful performance: With a new CPU generation and more memory along with the SSD disk, no project is too big for the D-SERVER. Our centralized D-SERVER solution benefits from the new hardware architecture and delivers an even better experience.
  • Connectivity: D-SERVER (3rd generation) comes with faster and more hardware ports. Two RS-485 ports for D-TECT SERIAL and 4 USB ports for incoming / outgoing ESPA connection. The server also comes with dual gigabit Ethernet ports. The HDMI port replaces the console port on the Baltos D-SERVER.
  • Easy installation: The server can be easily installed in a server room with existing DIN rails. A DIN mounting bracket is included.

The low power consumption makes it ideal to connect the server to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to avoid power outages.

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Ready to meet your demands

D-SERVER is a Nurse Call System that offers a complete solution for various health care projects. The centralized system can communicate with peripherals via radio or TCP/IP. The system can be put into operation in an existing local network and does not require an internet connection.

Based on the configuration, scheduling and priority, alarms are always delivered to the right recipient. The nurse who accepts an alarm can perform various tasks during her visit in addition to presence / ready.

To prevent an alarm from being forgotten by a nurse, a reminder feature can be activated in the system. The function reminds the nurse who accepted the alarm that she must physically visit the person to finish the alarm. If a situation arises, the nurse can send an assistance or emergency alarm at the touch of a button.

Whether you choose a pager-based solution (D-TREX 2G) or speech solution (GSM/SIP), it’s easy to get started. Together with our carephone D-CALL II, users can enjoy two-way voice communication. Our built-in SIP server (add-on) is preconfigured and optimized for D-CALL II and allows you to make your first SIP call after a few minutes.

Both solutions can benefit from including D-POS II to offer accurate positioning. In addition, D-SERVER can alert nurses if a user enters a restricted zone and manage access rights to doors.

The multilingual web interface supports user-based rights. Nurses can easily disable a user, add new equipment, locate a user or download logs without having to delve into the system. No matter which accessory you choose, you can be sure that it is supported and some of our accessories can be configured directly from the web interface. All web interface changes are logged, and general logs are saved for up to two years.

To protect data integrity and confidentiality, HTTPS is supported between the user’s computer and the web interface. D-SERVER also supports encrypted communication with peripherals via the NIPS protocol. The system also has a customizable security function to monitor incorrect login attempts and act when necessary.

D-SERVER supports multiple radio communication options. D-TECT IP is most common, but D-CALL II can also be used as a transceiver if the device is connected via IP. The D-SERVER is also equipped with two serial ports for connecting D-TECT SERIAL via D-BOX over the RS-485 protocol.
Peripherals can be monitored for status and the system can warn if they report low battery or if devices stop working completely. Alerts can be distributed to technical groups or specified e-mail recipients.

The ESPA 4.4.4 protocol and ESPA over IP are supported and used primarily with external fire alarms. In the event of a fire, the system can unlock all doors for quick evacuation and alert defined groups. D-SERVER can handle both incoming and outgoing ESPA messages.

The SCAIP protocol is also included in D-SERVER. Depending on the configuration, alarms can be forwarded to a SCAIP server in the evening. In practice, this means that alarms can go directly to an external alarm center. It is easy to back up and restore a D-SERVER configuration. Backup of configuration, system settings, logs, etc. is done automatically with specified backup interval.

In addition to presenting alarms on different handsets, you can get an overview via the web interface. If you choose to unlock Nurse View (add-on), different alarm overviews can be created with desired color, size, sound and filtering preferences. These alarm overviews or customized maps can then be displayed on large screens in corridors.

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D-SERVER Nurse Call System

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