Innovative alarm viewer
  • Easy installation
  • Configurable by user
  • Increases the quality of care
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Get started in minutes with NURSE VIEW

With NURSE VIEW, alarms can be displayed on PCs, tablets or other screens connected to the same network.

NURSE VIEW at a glance

  • Easy to get started
  • One license for unlimited screens
  • Each alarm type can be configured with individual colors and sounds
  • MP3 audio clips supported
  • A wide range of image formats is supported by MAP VIEW
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) supported
  • Unlimited number of maps can be uploaded
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NURSE VIEW is an advanced web interface developed by Neat within the D-SERVER/ALMA solution that enables intuitive presentation of alarms on large screens. Each alarm type can be configured individually in any color with desired sound effect. With the filter function, you can easily configure so that only alarms from floor 1 are displayed on the screen located on floor 1. There is no limit to the number of user accounts you can create with different individual customizations.

Part of NURSE VIEW is MAP VIEW which allows you to display alarms on interactive maps. It is easy to upload a map and draw and associate an area to a user, alarm point, personnel or position. MAP VIEW has no restrictions on the number of maps you can upload. With the slideshow feature, it is easy to combine both NURSE VIEW and MAP VIEW. It is easy to configure individual slide shows for different accounts to suit your needs.


Click here to download NURSE VIEW product sheet.

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