The radio transmitter door alarm
  • Reliable: For the care of dementia patients
  • Practical: Easy to install with screws or tape
  • Fit for purpose: Uses an easily exchangeable battery
  • Precise Time-of-day controlled door monitoring
Ne door 1000x1000

Door guard in the dementia area

The reliable door alarm DOOR detects the closing and opening of a door and is therefore an essential part of the NEAT dementia system D-POS. DOOR is easy to install with screws or adhesive tape.

Features and functions

  • Only 34 x 85 x 24 mm in size
  • Door alarm with integrated reed contact (doorstop flexible)
  • Sends a radio signal when the magnet contact is triggered (door is opened)
  • Power-on and output delays are configurable
  • Two-tone LED display
  • Input for potential-free contact to bypass or set tripping delay (configurable)
  • Handy and easy to install
  • On/off switch
  • Battery status monitoring
  • Can be programmed manually or with PC
Ne door white 1000x1000

This door alarm system works to support the care of dementia patients as part of the dementia system. When a monitored door is opened, it transmits an alarm. If the door is closed and opened again, a further alarm is triggered. DOOR displays the transmission of the alarm and confirmation of receipt using LEDs. DOOR consists of a control unit and a magnet. These are attached to the door or door frame.

Technical Data

Handy and functional

Only 34 x 85 x 24 mm in size

Screw or glue attachment possible

Normal batteries – Type AAA

Input for potential-free contact

Input/output delays via jumper possible

Ergonomics and usability

Easy to install

Configuration via NPU is possible

RS 232 serial port

Rewritable on/off switch

Reed contacts on both housing sides
for flexible door mounts


Two-tone LED display

The on/off switch can be deactivated
via software

Product delivery includes

DOOR with batteries


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