NOVO Family

The most advanced digital carephone system
  • Reliable: Always up to date
  • Comfortable: Remote Updates and Configuration
  • Efficient: More reliability and control
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More time and space for care

Digital transformation in elderly care services is the key to achieving greater efficiency and helping the user to feel safer and more autonomous in their own home. Moreover, thanks to the use of technological tools, professionals can devote more quality time to caring for people.
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NOVO family at a glance

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NOVO is the new and most advanced digital carephone from Legrand Care. NOVO is a highly advanced hub with fully digital interfaces ready to operate in today’s as well as tomorrow’s telecare and e-health services.

A complete new concept that brings telecare a step further. With NOVO, the connectivity, the sense of comfort and security have been brought together with a great modern design to fit in every housing environment.

The SMILE transmitter and the Care Management Portal CMP save more time to provide the user with a higher quality of care.

Reliable connection to all networks

The NOVO family offers an optimal connection for every need and every network and is always based on the standardised and secure SCAIP protocol for digital models.

There are currently three hardware variants on the market, which differ in the channels available for alarms and communications with the outside world.

All variants have the possibility to connect to 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks and have the possibility to use the 4G network for voice transmission without the need to access 2G or 3G networks (VoLTE technology).

Depending on the variant, at least a second communication channel is added to the mobile networks:

  • PSTN/4G adds an analogue telephone line interface (RJ11) for connection to traditional telephony networks.
  • IP/4G VoLTE adds an ethernet/LAN interface for connection to IP data networks.
  • IP/4G WB also adds the ethernet/LAN interface and WiFi for both connecting other devices to the NOVO and connecting the NOVO to a WiFi network. This variant also has BluetoothTM Low Energy.

Advantages of the NOVO family

  • Always supervised.
  • Remote configuration, reducing costs and speeding deployment time.
  • Firmware updates via WiFi, Ethernet, 3G and/or 4G (depending on model), installer visit not required. Saving money.
  • Continuously updated with latest functionality, now and in the future. Optimizing service provider’s work and allowing them to focus on the care service.
  • Constant online monitoring allows personnel to plan the work out from any given situation as the operation of the unit is known at all times.
  • Event and alarm log stored for greater security and to follow up operation and performance in the service.
  • Virtual alarms information created by online supervision, identifying units with connectivity problems or technical failure. Redundant supervision if user alarm fails to reach the monitoring center.
  • VoIP transmits voice over Ethernet, WiFi, 3G or 4G connections.
  • VoLTE transmits voice over 4G connections.

NOVO in operation

With the Telecare Terminal Management Portal, CMP and the NOVO digital telecare system, you will be able to respond to the constantly growing demands of the telecare sector. You will gain more time to perform your core tasks and to offer the user a more human and closer attention.
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Technical Data

Connectivity means control

Online supervision for all of your installed devices in one place.

Identify problems in advance knowing the status of your units at anytime.

WiFi, Ethernet, GSM, 3G, 4G, PSTN.

Control means security

Failed alarms report distributed to personnel

Locate the units and integrate services using this feature

Centralized reprogramming and firmware updates

Terminals always updated with latest improvements and functionalities

Supervision independence from the alarm central

Security means speed

Identifying units with technical issues

Identify the alarms not reaching the alarm central

Increased security with digital protocols

Social alarm dedicated radio frequency for Europe

Regulated frequency for other markets

Speed means cost saving

Plug &Play installations: automatic configuration and easy to add peripherals

Remote firmware updates over IP and mobile networks with minimal operation downtime

Quick digital data transfer allows the alarm to reach the alarm central quickly

Cost saving means bigger profits

Planned preventive actions based on information from the supervision

Remote configurations, reducing personnel and travel costs

With further extensions (WB model)

Local connectivity with WiFi and BluetoothTM Low Energy

WiFi as a carrier can be used as a 4G fallback to ensure redundancy (and vice versa).

BluetoothTM Low Energy can be used to connect Legrand Care certified tele-health peripherals to the NOVO.

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