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  • Full control of all devices
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More overview, less effort

With Legrand Care Cloud Management Portal (CMP), Legrand Care created another key component of its digital telecare offering. Through this web based tool, you can remotely manage carephones’ configuration, update functionality or supervise the status of NOVO and its peripherals all seamlessly at any time from any device.

Features and functions

  • Real-time monitoring, including detailed alarm and event history
  • Remote control and configuration
  • Remote function updates (e.g. protocol adjustment, configuration in case of change of supplier, new functions...)
  • Telephone and online support during office hours
  • Online display of all device states (e.g. in operation, awaiting installation, removed)
  • E-mail notification in case of malfunctions or technical messages
  • Redundant monitoring of the installed base, e.g. in case of power failure or failure of Alarm receiving center
  • Individual and multiple device configuration
  • Multiple operations on a device
  • Users' access rights managment
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New monitoring and installed base supervision lead to workflow optimization and service efficiency. Professionals can focus on care services. CMP is a web portal, so it does not require local installation and it is always up to date.

Included notification functionality opens multiple opportunities for optimization and improvement.

Technical Data

Continuous device monitoring

Overview of all alarms and relevant events.

Display device status.

Redundant and independent monitoring of the installed base.

Overview of the technical status of devices e.g. normal operation, mains failure, no contact to portal, failed alarm, etc.

Mobile network signal strength and provider.

Versatile programming options

Local programming via USB interface on PC (offline, without CMP)

Automatic installation and programming during installation

Individual programming via CMP

Complete control and new possibilities for radio accessories

Different programming options

Automatic configuration during installation.

Online and local configuration through CMP.

Complete control and new possibilities for peripherals.

Fully automated massive reconfiguration of installed base.

Simple device management

Automatic firmware updates and convenient remote configuration.

User administration and rights management.

Access from PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Remote access to the carephones from CMP regardless of the alarm receiver technology.

Overview of alarm management

Alarm history with detailed information.

E-mail notification in the event of a fault or technical message (configurable for alarm type groups, immediate notification and / or daily).

Improved installed base management through data analysis

CMP-BI an extension to CMP, is a business intelligence and data analysis tool that allows you to visualize information from CMP and perform advanced analysis of the data corresponding to your telecare devices such that well-informed decision-making can be made.

  • Quick overview through graphical representation of the installed base and its evolution.
  • Individually configurable display for numerous KPIs.
  • Heatmap for error analysis.
  • Geographical distribution of the devices on a map.
  • Analysis criteria can be configured individually with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Early incident detection through advanced analysis.
  • Powerful scalable and flexible architecture that will allow more features in the future; quick dashboards development, integration with new endpoints, new use cases, smart notifications.

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