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Neat launches a new bed and chair presence sensor on the market.

A convenient and reliable wireless sensor that guarantees reduced maintenance costs.

Its delicate design allows the patient to rest peacefully.

Neat has designed and manufactured a sophisticated bed and chair presence sensor with a completely renewed technology that reduces maintenance costs for annual replacement, as it has a long service life. Unlike traditional sensors, this sensor offers high sensitivity, so it is activated with a light touch, regardless of the pressure exerted on it and the weight of the user.

The sensor is shaped like a belt only 10 centimeters wide and the end adjustments make it possible to hug the mattress or a chair and guarantee a perfect hold and reliability. Thanks to its slim design it is totally imperceptible, so it does not disturb the user and allows him to rest comfortably.

The sensor sends different alarms to ensure its functionality, for example if it is disconnected it sends a disconnection alarm, which ensures that the system remains operational 24 hours a day. Similarly, this device triggers a low battery alarm.

The sensor is integrated into the TREX system, a mobile device that receives all alarms and is carried by caregivers.

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