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Legrand Care technology leads the digitalization of telecare in the Community of Madrid

Legrand Care will contribute to the transformation of telecare services

In the avant-garde atmosphere of the social and healthcare transformation in the Community of Madrid, Legrand Care, an international leader in the social and healthcare sector, recognized for innovation in digital telecare technology, has been selected to lead a revolutionary project aimed at carrying out the transition of telecare services from analogue to digital to improve people's lives.

In just three months, Legrand Care supplied approximately 40,000 carephones and 70,000 advanced digital telecare peripherals to service providers in the city of Madrid.

The technological deployment in Madrid homes was completed earlier this year, making this ambitious project a reality and a significant milestone in the digital transformation of telecare services in the region.

The implementation of these terminals has expanded Legrand Care's connected homes to over 700,000 connected devices and almost one million peripherals globally.

Legrand Care's NOVO terminals are certified devices functioning as digital hubs with 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi, LAN network, Bluetooth, and radiofrequency connectivity, allowing the association of a wide range of peripherals and the creation of connected homes. Another crucial element for this project is the professional portal Pulse CMP, enabling advanced management of the digital park.

This substantial supply facilitates the provision of an innovative service model known as "New Telecare," focused on providing efficient person-centred care through a comprehensive service transformation and the implementation of remote monitoring and routine analysis systems, ensuring safety and autonomy.

The success of this significant tender has reaffirmed Legrand Care's leadership position in digital transformation both in Spain and the rest of Europe. In addition to this notable project, Legrand Care is actively engaged in other global initiatives that will drive digital transformation as analogue phone systems are phased out in the coming years.

Next Generation Funds

This public tender has been financed with the Next Generation funds from the European Union.

It is noteworthy that digital transformation funding was a pressing need across all sectors for modernization in Spain and the rest of the European continent. Fortunately, these funds have become an accelerator for the digitalization of technological parks by supporting the adoption of cutting-edge solutions.

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