Legrand Care Nurse Call Systems

Intelligently organized and individually supervised

As an employee or manager of a nursing facility, you need a reliable solution to master the challenge between efficiency and humanity every day anew. With the intelligent alarm management of the Legrand Care nurse call, you have found exactly the right solution for this.

For a highly functional nurse and nurse light call, the intelligent D-SERVER system in interaction with D-TREX distributes the calls for help radio-controlled to the corresponding alarm receivers according to a customer-specific definable scenario. Alternatively, the flexible TREX paging system and the portable SMILE radio transmitter can be used to quickly and easily set up a completely wireless alarm system. With D-POS, there is also a solution for the targeted care of dementia patients.

We have the ideal solution for each type of residential center, being able to cover the following needs:

  • Nurse call systems
  • Wandering control
  • Activity tracking in the center
  • Telemonitoring of vital signs
  • Task management and control
  • Connected centers - global vision


Efficiently organized

Efficiently organized

Optimal care processes as well as time and organizational relief for your staff through efficient call distribution
Maximum reliable

Maximum reliable

Proven and secure communication via radio and/or cable for maximum reliability and a good feeling


Configurable and scalable exactly according to your requirements and demands and suitable for any care scenario
Consistently documented

Consistently documented

Complete logging for traceable call documentation and best practice analysis
Accurate location

Accurate location

Know exactly where residents, such as dementia patients, are at any given time for the greatest possible protection.
Always localizable

Always localizable

Fast response times through targeted localization and location of personnel and presence reporting

This is how simple the Legrand Care nurse call works

Whether in the outpatient or inpatient area, with its diverse application possibilities, the Legrand Care nurse call system is always ideally adaptable to customer-specific requirements. An alarm is triggered via the individual radio sensors, which are distributed to the nursing staff via D-SERVER or TREX according to a predefined scenario.

Product by product: This is part of the Legrand Care nurse call

Here you will find an overview of the most important components of our nurse call system. One click will take you to the individual product pages. We would be happy to design and implement a solution together with you that exactly fits your requirements - please contact us!

Frequently asked questions about the Legrand Care nurse call

We have summarized the most important questions about the Legrand Care nurse call for you in our FAQs.
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What is the range of the Legrand Care nurse call?
Is the Legrand Care nurse call also suitable for renovations or extensions?
Which solution is better for me, D-SERVER or TREX?
Which technical components are part of the Legrand Care nurse call?

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