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Neat makes available an assisted living solution that allows securely zoning nursing homes

The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has brought devastating consequences. The population group most affected by their vulnerability has been the elderly. According to official figures, 60% of those who died of coronavirus in Spain were residents in nursing homes.

After having overcome the hardest stage of the pandemic and faced with the possibility of outbreaks, some Autonomous Communities are considering reinforcing the zoning measures for nursing homes and social health centres in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus without compromising quality in the care of residents. In Castilla y León, for example, the zoning of residences is aimed at enabling a zone free of COVID-19, another for those affected by the coronavirus and one more for quarantine.

Neat joins the urgent purpose of protecting the health of residents and to achieve this, it has made a non-intrusive care solution available to nursing homes. This technology allows residents to be in the area that corresponds to their needs, providing them with greater security and more dignified care.

In addition, this system guarantees essential benefits, for example, through professional and discreet monitoring, it is possible to know the location of the residents, open doors without having to touch the doorknobs, configure permits to access areas and most importantly, both caregivers and residents can send alarms to request assistance.

Thanks to this solution, there would be no need to keep residents isolated in their rooms 24 hours a day, since it would allow them to safely enjoy the designated areas and automatically prohibit them from accessing restricted areas to avoid possible contagion.

Users should only wear a modern alarm transmitter bracelet and caregivers should carry a portable alarm receiver, which gives them total mobility.

At Neat, we will continue working to help manage the coronavirus crisis by doing what we have been doing for more than 30 years: offering solutions that help the most fragile and those who need our support the most.