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SMILE Family

Portable radio transmitters
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • Wristband and necklace included
  • Housing cover replaceable
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SMILE Family

Practical, comfortable and functional

SMILE alarm transmitters are designed to be used in homes and healthcare centers where users can launch alarms in case of need. Their modern design makes them practical, comfortable and efficient.
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Features and functions at a glance

Handy and functional:

  • Only 42 x 34 x 15 mm small
  • 14 g light
  • Wearable as a bracelet or around the neck
  • Waterproof to IP 67
  • High battery life
  • Automatic power saving mode (programmable)
  • Housing cover replaceable


  • Large and clearly identifiable button
  • Button responds to any pressure
  • Monitored radio transmission
  • Optimized transmission power
  • Transmission and reception capability (bidirectional)
  • Automatic connection to NOVO (Plug & Play)


  • Reliable radio communication with visual confirmation
  • 4-color LED for visual indication of radio triggering and acknowledgment of receipt
  • Battery monitoring with alarm to service center
  • Visual display in low battery
  • Regular function interruption if needed (programmable)
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Ne smile id wristband 1000x1000
Ne smile mirror 1000x1000
Ne smile wristband 1000x1000
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This is the SMILE family

SMILE Family