The radio transmitter for wired inputs
  • Compatible: Easy integration of other
    NEAT devices by radio transmitter
  • Variety: Digital and analogue connections
  • Precise Alarm triggered when threshold
    value is reached
  • Flexible: Battery or power-adapter mode
Ne inka 1000x1000

Integrative element

With the compatible radio box INKA, third-party devices connected via cable can also be easily integrated and monitored in the NEAT world. INKA offers digital and analog connections.

Features and functions at a glance

  • Compact dimensions: Only 89 x 63 mm
  • Digital and analogue connection possible
  • Five inputs for potential-free contacts, including two that can be used for used for threshold value measurement (V)
  • Powered by adaptor or plug component
  • Very high battery life (> five years depending on use)
  • Battery powered in case of power failure
  • Battery monitoring and alert in case of power failure
  • Regular test alarm to recipient for function monitoring
  • Reliable radio communication through bidirectional transmission path
Ne inka white 1000x1000

The multifaceted INKA auxiliary unit monitors contacts connected by cable. It processes both digital and analogue signals. If an input is triggered, INKA broadcasts a radio signal to the receiver. INKA is suitable for use with up to five inputs.

Two of these can be programmed to measure threshold values. The inputs used for measurement can monitor levels on an ongoing basis or determine a measurement if one of the contacts has triggered.

Technical Data

Product delivery includes

INKA radio transmission box with batteries

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