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D-POS Programmer

D-POS programming software
  • Simple: One-click configuration
  • Integrated: One integrated user interface for all products
  • Flexible: Trained personnel can make user-specific adaptations
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Configuration Tools
D-POS Programmer

Easy-to-use software

For the programming and user-specific adaptation of the D-POS we have developed special, easily understandable software.


  • Integrated, easy-to-operate programming
  • No prior knowledge required
  • One-click configuration of pre-saved files
  • Password-protected access to the programmer interface
  • Maximum flexibility for user-specific changes
  • Depending on the programmer, programming data can be printed out
  • Possibility to read out device configuration
  • Usable on Windows XP systems or higher versions
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NEAT has developed specially designed software to make the D-POS more efficient, faster and easier to program. This allows you to configure the mobile transmitter with ease. User-friendly integrated user interfaces mean that no programming knowledge is required. Trained staff members can access all functions via the password-protected programming interface. This ensures a high degree of flexibility regarding user-defined configuration.

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