An innovative fall device
  • Promotes autonomy and active aging
  • Long battery life
  • High security and comfort
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Features and functions

  • Promotes autonomy and active aging in a non-intrusive way.
  • The user can be sure that in case of a fall an automatic alarm will be sent and someone will take care of him or her.
  • It only sends alarms when it is necessary. As a result, power consumption is very low and battery life is longer than a year.
  • It complies with the European regulations for telecare peripherals, which guarantees its safety and quality.
  • Algorithm is adjusted according to the mobility of the user and improve reliability.
  • Waterproof according to regulation IP67.
  • Minimizes the long-term effect of a fall by activating automatic alarms that shorten the delay in the provision of assistance.
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According to World Health Organization data, falls at home are the second cause of worldwide mortality from accidental injuries, and those over 65 are the main victims of this type of accidents. There are 37.3 million falls annually that require medical attention.

This information represents a strong financial pressure on national health systems when their resources are increasingly tight. A fall detection sensor can be an important part of a care system, providing greater security and independence to the user, facilitating the work of caregivers and family members and saving great efforts to service providers.

For these reasons, Neat Group has developed SMILE FALL, a small wristband alarm trigger that monitors people at risk of falling by detecting falls and automatically reporting them. Target users are, among others, older people, users with Parkinson ´s disease and people with impaired mobility.

SMILE FALL is a well-integrated device into NOVO ecosystem, a platform where you can have full control of care hones, alarms and events, letting you know every little detail in your installation and guaranteeing the most advanced care service in the socio-health world. In addition, SMILE FALL provides all the functionality of a standard SMILE, e.g. sending an alarm by push of the button.

How does it work?

Soft falls with impact limited by a hindering object or by the user catching himself, will not be detected by SMILE FALL. However, the user can always send the alarm manually. It is also possible to report when the SMILE FALL is in or out of radio range of the receiver. Furthermore, it sends different alarm types such as user alarm, low battery or programmable auto test alarm; making it easier at the alarm receiver to identify the root cause of the alarm and responding accordingly.

Thanks to NEAT’s bidirectional radio the user can recognize that the alarm has reached the receiver providing the user with tranquillity. NEAT uses European social care dedicated radio frequency, which minimizes the risk of radio interference. However, other frequencies are also available to match national regulation in non European markets.

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