Extend your service with mobile telecare
  • Easy to use: once the application is installed, the user will be able to send an alarm and stay in touch.
  • Inclusive application: all users will have telecare services, including people with hearing difficulties, through pictograms and text messages.
  • Integrates GPS location functionality.

Locate with high precision

When an emergency call is sent through NEMO, the SMARTFINDER APP displays the exact location of the subscriber on a map. The APP can be used independently or as an extension of the emergency call center at home.


  • Turns the user's Android smartphone into a mobile telecare device.
  • Easy communication process with alarm monitoring center.
  • GPS position sent for easy location of users.
  • Tracking capability.
  • Geofencing: sending alarms when entering and/or leaving predefined areas.
  • Floating button: always visible on all screens.
  • Remote management and tracking through CMP.
  • Bluetooth remote push button.

SmartGPS is an Android application developed by Neat that offers an emergency call solution. Using just one button, the user can easily and quickly communicate with the emergency call center.

This application is a simple way to have telecare services. Users only need to install the SmartGPS application on their Android smartphones, which will be used as mobile telecare devices.

Once the alarm is sent, the care center receives it in the SCAIP protocol in the same way as any other alarm, including the user's GPS position that can be located on a map within the Neat Location Solution.

Communication can be initiated by the user if help is needed or can be initiated by the alarm monitoring center to communicate a campaign, medical appointment or medication reminder, as well as if the user does not return home on time. In addition, this application allows messages to be sent using pictograms to facilitate communication with users.

Important note:
  • SMARTGPS and SMARTCOM require a contract with a service provider to receive the alarms and communicate with the user.
  • If you are a service provider contact your NEAT sales team to confirm the commercial availability of the APP in your country.
  • If you are an end user you will need to find a service provider that works with the APP; at this time NEAT is not in a position to share which service providers do. If you need help installing the APP, please consult with the service provider.

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