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The programming unit
  • Practical: Configures NEO, ATOM, TREX and the IOR transmitter box family
  • Fit for purpose: Programming via Windows PC with NEAT software
  • Simple: Active connection via USB interface
Ne npu 1000x1000
Configuration Tools

Simple configuration

Whether NEO, ATOM, TREX or the IOR radio box family, with the NPU program unit you can easily program these devices via USB and a Windows PC.

Features and functions

  • Programmer interface between computer and NEAT products
  • Very easy to operate
  • Connection to a standard USB port
  • Works with special, product-specific NEAT software
Ne npu white 1000x1000

NPU makes configuring NEO, ATOM, TREX and the IOR radio transmitter box family easy and convenient. It can be connected to a Windows PC via an active USB interface. The products can then be configured very easily via the software developed by NEAT. The functions that can be configured via the NPU are listed in the technical handbook.