Convenient protection for NEMO and TREX
  • Practical: Produced in custom-fit, high-quality leather
  • Fit for purpose: Transparent display window
  • Convenient: Ports for charging adapters, microphone and loudspeaker
Ne nemo trex leather bag 1000x1000

Well kept

With this high-quality leather bag, both NEMO and TREX remain unharmed in any situation. Due to the integrated viewing window, both devices remain easy to operate.

Features and functions

  • Comprehensive protection against dirt or moisture
  • Suitable for NEMO or TREX
  • Both devices can remain permanently in the bag thanks to viewing window and openings
  • Charging in the charging station in the leather case is also possible
  • Carefree use for more concentration on the essentials
Ne nemo trex leather bag white 1000x1000

This high-quality leather bag provides optimal protection for the NEMO mobile transmitter The display window means NEMO be operated and read. The integrated clip allows the bag to be attached to clothing with ease. Produced in custom-fit, high-value leather.

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