Home flood detector

Flood detector is designed to provide advance warning of a potential flooding situation.


Where should flood detectors be located?

Flood detectors should be located on the floor, under the bathtub, sink or kitchen sink, or anywhere a faucet can be left running. It should be attached to the baseboard with the screw or self-adhesive pad provided.

FLOOD DETECTOR at a glance

  • Moisture bridge sensor
  • Compatible with NOVO and TREX 2G
  • Free standing or screw fixed
  • 5 year Lithium battery (typical)
  • Low battery warning
  • Operating temperature: +5oC to +40oC
  • Telecare transceiver: 869.2125MHz Class 1.5
  • Supplied with mounting bracket
  • Digital heartbeat
  • Weight: 36 grams
  • Dimensions: 50 x 95 x 18mm (HxWxD)

Flooding caused by faucets left running, a blocked toilet or leaky plumbing can mean costly repair bills and create potentially dangerous conditions that could lead to a slip or fall or moisture-related health problems.

Once installed in the bathroom or kitchen, this flood detector will provide advance warning of a potential flooding situation before it causes extensive damage to carpeting, decor and electrical equipment.

The alarm will be triggered when water on the floor bypasses the two contacts on the bottom of the flood detector.


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