Innovative voice communication solution
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Data encryption
  • Long battery life
  • IP and/or GSM
  • Optional GSM antenna
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Innovative voice communication solution

In combination with D-SERVER and ALMA, D-CALL II is the ideal voice call solution for communal areas in retirement and nursing homes as well as assisted living facilities. D-CALL II offers excellent voice quality.

Features and functions at a glance

  • The integration of D-CALL II with nurse-call systems is quick and easy via two types of connections, IP or GSM.
  • D-CALL II, in both IP/GSM modes, is remotely and continuously monitored, configured and updated.
  • In addition, if both IP and GSM technologies are used together, end-to-end communication control can be guaranteed.
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D-CALL II is a state-of-the-art digital voice terminal designed to establish communication between users and professionals in residential care centers. It can be installed in rooms and / or common areas. D-CALL II is suitable for both group living and nursing homes.

D-CALL II works in an integrated way with the alarm management systems D-SERVER and ALMA, which, among other great advantages, gives the possibility of voice communication and mobile services.

This solution has configurable buttons that allow the user to request help and / or alert professionals in case of an emergency. They also facilitate traceability by having the functionality of registration of arrival and departure of the professional to the rooms or common areas from where the alarm has been sent.

Maximum acoustic fidelity

The power of the D-CALL II speaker and the sensitivity of its microphone, combined with the most advanced bidirectional voice communication algorithms, and even its compact and ergonomic shape have been deliberately designed to provide the user with an audio experience of high quality, which results in a more efficient service.

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