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Legrand Care is pleased to announce the appointment of José Carlos Escamilla Guijarro as General Manager of Legrand Care Germany

José Carlos Escamilla has been appointed the General Manager of Legrand Care GmbH. In this position, Mr. Escamilla will focus his efforts to expand the leadership position of Legrand Care GmbH beyond Germany and across Central Europe to the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe.

Arturo Pérez Kramer, Deputy CEO of Legrand Care, states that “with his relocation in Germany, José Carlos will have a closer focus to further develop Legrand Care presence in the Central European region. He is also a great people leader, and he will bring his enthusiasm and great knowledge of the market to reinforce our leadership position in Germany.”

He brings with him over 25 years of experience working in the telecare business across a wide variety of functions from customer service, marketing, and product management; his path led him through sales as a commercial director from Spain to international business.

In 2012, he became the international product director for Neat Group and later the business development manager and Legrand KAM of Neat.

In 2019, Mr. Escamilla was appointed VP Sales and Business Development Director for RoW within Legrand's Assisted Living division, now Legrand Care. He continues to hold both the latter position and the new position to which he has recently been appointed: General Manager of Legrand Care Germany.

José Carlos Escamilla is passionate about the company's long-term goals with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. He is looking forward to his new tasks and the challenges they will bring. His goal is to get to know and understand the German market and customers even better and to take Legrand Care and its products further.

All his colleagues at Legrand Care wish Mr. Escamilla all the best in this new work experience.

In addition to wishing him all the best, the Legrand Care GmbH team, for their part, highlighted that “we are looking forward to working with him and soon being able to talk to him in German.”

Mathias Duncker, former general manager of Legrand Care Germany, leaves for his well-deserved retirement. The entire Legrand Care team would like to thank him for his strong commitment and wish him all the best for the future!

Mr. Escamilla is married, has three daughters, a little dog called Vela, likes to play paddle tennis, and is a person with a very good sense of humour.

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