For a life full of vitality and freedom

There are more and more older people and increasingly diminishing resources. In challenging times, how can we organise care in a humane and efficient way? NEAT knows the answers. And, in collaboration with its suppliers and partners, it is continually developing new products and solutions. The most important goal in all of this is to allow tens of thousands of people in the world to live easier lives on a daily basis. Read more ...  

Neat launches NOVO, its new and advanced digital carephone

NOVO is the new state-of-the-art telecare system developed by Neat. It has been intelligently designed end-to-end with the intention of enabling service providers to offer the highest quality care.


The epilepsy sensor EPI CARE 3000 has been tested with highly satisfactory results

The device detected 22 crises without giving false positives. 
In order to find a reliable technological solution to support the nocturnal convulsive seizures of patients with epilepsy, the “Biscayan Association of Epilepsy Doctor Maribel Forcadas”, (ABEPI, by its acronym in Spanish), tested the epilepsy sensor EPI CARE 3000, distributed in Spain by Neat Group. The results of the test were very satisfactory. Read more...

NOVO, always connected, updated and safe


This is a completely new digital concept that will take telecare a step further. The interior and exterior design of NOVO is intended to optimize all its functionalities and to offer advantages that the rest of the carephones of the market are not able to provide.

With Novo, the connectivity, the sense of comfort and security have been brought together with a great modern design to fit in every housing and residential environment.  

Neat achieves ISO 27001 certification

This achievement certifies the safety of Neat solutions in the health and social sector.



Neat has obtained the ISO 27001 certification of Information Security Management Systems thanks to its continuous commitment to the development and implementation of security measures related to the processing of information. Read more...